Wednesday, July 20, 2005

War Of The Worlds

The steel wheels of the large behemoths screech in the setting sun, the light glistening off their twisted yellow bodies as they lurch forward, mercilessly cutting swath after swath into the striated rocky hills. It is a scene eerily reminiscent of the Orson Welles 1938 doomsday hoax, War of the Worlds (now a Tom Cruise remake), which featured a broadcast radio simulation of mechanized Martian invaders destroying our planet. Today, it is not a simulation.

Today's destroyers are cutting through the hills of Yesha and Jerusalem, laying the foundation for the "Separation Fence," which is supposed to prevent Arab terrorists from infiltrating inside the Green Line to kill Jews. Although Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, and all their brothers have promised that they will simply fire rockets, missiles and whatever else over the nice little wall into Jewish towns and cities, (not to mention simply entering through it's openings) -- why stop such an important project? What's a few hundred million shekels of our taxes between friends?

But right now, this is the wrong script. We passed that act. War of the Worlds 2005 has moved through scene after scene after scene, at dizzying, frightening speed. The color orange has become illegal for Jews in Israel, and Jews sporting an orange bracelet, T-shirt or shmata have been barred entry from everyplace from the Kotel to the Jerusalem Mall. Yes, the separation fence fiasco is old news.

The War of the Worlds has now come to Gaza, to Gush Katif, to it's climactic scene, centered around an unbelievable, evil plot to forcibly expel innocent Jewish families from their homes and shuls and schools and farms and businesses and beaches. A plot cooked up by our friends in the U.S. State Department and spoon-fed to a desperate and corrupted old dictator. Why? To give these places to the Arab terrorists who promise to destroy Israel once and for all.

This doesn't make sense? You mean it bothers you that Palestinians, Saudi Arabians, and the vast majority of Arabs on this side of the planet had a huge party on 9/11, celebrating their murder of over 3,000 New Yorkers, Pentagon workers, flight passengers and best of all, the destruction of the two most important symbols of American wealth and defense in it's two greatest cities? So you don't understand why the U.S. would want to make the Old Bulldozer give the Arabs anything? And you can't fathom why the Old Bulldozer, a former three-time war hero, would readily comply, and sacrifice 8,000 of his people, who he encouraged to move there in the first place? You're astonished and dumbfounded that the Old Bulldozer, the Commander-in-Chief, would give the enemy a gift of miles of seafront for fleets of Karina-A's to arrive even more easily on our shores with weapons of death and destruction? A move that IDF leaders and military strategists consider horrendously ill-conceived, not to mention suicidal? To create a huge terrorist world headquarters right inside the tiny Jewish state?? And, at this minute, while Palestinian terrorists are raining down rockets into towns inside and out of Gush Katif, killing innocent Jews, that the Old Bulldozer is NOT stopping these Arab attacks, but instead, is dedicating some 20,000 police and armored forces solely to stopping Jews from walking and entering areas miles away to pray and to protest this incredibly evil national suicide plan?

He can't stop them, or himself. They gave it away before. He is a tool, corrupt and faithless. In the aftermath of the most miraculous war in modern history, when the Jihad of 1967 vowed the total destruction of Israel and the slaughter of all it's inhabitants for a month before the three-country Arab attack in June of that fateful year, Sharon then had to watch Abba Eban actually defend Israel in front of the world court against the Arab charges that Israel committed aggression, atrocities and stole Arab land while saving itself. And Nasser's lies that the U.S. and England provided air support and defense during the attack on Israel, while they, and the world, actually did nothing in anticipation of the obliteration of Israel. And Israel, after saving itself in miraculous fashion, ran after the fleeing Arabs to coax them back to Tulkarm and Jenin and Ramallah, and then, they, the Israeli leaders, relinquished the Temple Mount. They have since given away the graves of our forefathers and have offered to return to the Auschwitz borders, but alas, the Arabs would not have it.

If you had read this screenplay you might be interested for a minute or two. But then you'd toss it in the garbage. Because it's just not believable. Pure fantasy. The writer has a good imagination, but please, we're supposed to believe all this, even for a moment?

However, this story, The War of the Worlds, is real. The war has actually been raging for over three millenium, on three fronts. The war against the Jews, the war among the Jews, and in a new incarnation, the war among the goyim, now against the Arabs. The Arabs, who hold the world ransom with the oil that was bequeathed to them here in the final generations, are bent on the eventual destruction of all infidels, all non-Muslims, and even a lot of Muslims, for that matter. Israel, with it's perennial Hellenist leaders, has allowed itself to be used as a dangerous pawn in this war, selling itself out to the threats and bribes of the leading world power, the United States, whose interest is oil, money and the maintenance of it's top slot in the world. So it plays games of righteous attack of it's enemies and at the same time, treacherous appeasement of the same mortal enemy at Israel's expense. Israel does the same, except when it comes to protecting itself from this same relentless enemy, it is pitifully inadequate and impotent. When it does assert itself in response to the slaughter of it's innocent civilians, it is slapped down and demonized by the anti-semitic and Arab-fearing world court, resulting in the pathetic cycle of events that we witness here year after year.

And now, the latest response in the concurrent war among the Jews: stop these Jews, besiege them, forcably deport them from their homes inside of Israel itself. This is a continuation of the internal wars harkening back to Korach, back to the Jews who drank with Achashverosh from the Temple vessels, to the Hellenists of Greek servitude, to the strenous efforts of Ben Gurion to stop the religious Jews from assuming power at all costs, to the Hellenists of this very day.

The War of the Worlds is real. And there is a Writer, and a Director. We haven't seen the whole screenplay, but every fiber of our being says that we are in the final five minutes of this movie. The Movie. The Author, The Director, has promised that we would be implanted in our Land, never to be uprooted again. In 1938, Orson Welles created a brilliant hoax that everyone believed. In these days, at this time, we are surely witnessing things that no one could believe -- but may be far more real than anything else we have ever seen.


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