Sunday, February 06, 2005

Who'll Stop the Rain

'Long as I remember,
The rain's been coming down
Clouds of mystery pouring
Confusion on the ground

Good men through the ages
Trying to find the sun
And I wonder, still I wonder,
Who'll stop the rain?'

Centuries before the ringing words above, our sages wrote, and we say,
even till today, three times every day:

Mashiv ha'ruach u'morid ha'geshem!

Who makes the wind blow and the rain descend.

Hashem brings the rain, and Hashem stops the rain, when we need it.
Today it looks like clouds of mystery
pouring confusion on the ground, vadai.
But in Israel, we look skyward, and scream out with tears of joy:

Mashiv ha'ruach u'morid ha'geshem !!

Who makes the wind blow and the rain descend..


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